November 4, 2022
improved Hulu menu legibility

Hulu makes Its Menus a Lot Easier to Read, with Changes to Text Opacity and Backgrounds

Hulu has made some helpful changes to its menus to make them more legible to read for viewers on both televisions and its app…

Streaming service Hulu has adjusted the text opacity and backgrounds of its menus to make them easier to read. The company explains the changes are part of its efforts to improve accessibility.

Hulu Improves Menu Legibility to Make it Easier for Viewers to Read

Hulu changed to gradient backgrounds with its visual redesign back in 2017. Now, the company is tweaking those changes to make it easier to read.

The updated menus have already rolled out and gone live on Roku devices. In the next few weeks, these improvements will go out to Android, iOS, iPadOS, and more living room devices.

Hulu’s Akshatha Kommalapati and Tanya Parker wrote in a blog post:

“We made accessible design the main focus of our summer hackathon and launched an audio description hub on our web platform earlier this year. The audio description hub allows viewers to find content with audio descriptions quickly and easily. And the changes don’t stop there.”

improved Hulu menu legibility
Credit: Hulu

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