June 18, 2021
Hulu recommendations changed

Hulu Changes its Recommendations so Customers have More Control

Hulu has adjusted its recommendations system to better accommodate users’ interests, with some small but notable changes…

Earlier this month, Hulu made its menus easier to read, with changes to the text opacity and backgrounds. Then, shortly thereafter, the streaming service introduced offline downloads for the first time. Now, it’s tweaked it recommendations for improved personalization.

Hulu Tweaks Recommendations to Give Subscribers More Control

In the coming weeks and months, Hulu will change its recommendations to better reflect subscribers interests. For instance, if a customer doesn’t watch reality television, those titles will substantially drop down lower in the home feed.

Additionally, it’s improving its search capabilities. The service will better respond to misspelling and abbreviations (like GOT for Game of Thrones).

Jason Wong, Hulu’s director of product management, wrote to The Verge:

At Hulu, we believe the best search and discovery experience is built on three key tentpoles – our editors that find and highlight content that is relevant and timely, our recommendation algorithms that work to understand what our viewers like, and our features that enable us to listen to our viewers and give them more control over what they see. This combination is what makes discovery on Hulu unique, and ensures that there’s human input from both sides of the equation — from our team at Hulu and our viewers at home.”

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