October 28, 2021
IGTV experiments with creator ad monetization

Instagram TV is Testing Letting its Creative Influencers Monetize the Content with Ads

Instagram is in the midst of trying out a new monetization model for its creators on IGTV, allowing them to have ads on their content…

While YouTube reigns supreme when it comes to creator monetization, that’s not stopping other platforms from trying to lure stars away.

Facebook, for instance, launched Watch in August of 2017 and in June of 2018, Instagram debuted IGTV. Both of which have been pouring untold resources into their respective services in order to create real rivals to competitor YouTube.

IGTV Experiments with Creator Ad Monetization

According to different sources, sharing their findings on Twitter, IGTV is experimenting with letting creators earn money from their content with ads.

Although it does work for Facebook and for YouTube, Instagram might find it a bit more challenging. IGTV isn’t exactly a hotbed of activity. In fact, Instagram hasn’t released IGTV engagement or viewership numbers publicly. But, as of February 2019, only 18 percent of people have watched any IGTV content.

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