November 2, 2022
IGTV Instagram Feed previews

Instagram Says it’s Bringing IGTV to the Main Feed, So get Ready for It

IGTV Instagram Feed previews are on the way in a big way as the company intends to broaden the reach of its vertical video platform…

Since Instagram TV doesn’t command much of an audience, the company believes one way to up engagement is to put the media front-and-center where no one can miss it.

Aside from the plethora of ads, dozens of suggested hashtags, clutters of Stories, and more in the main Feed, Instagram is inserting yet another distraction. 

IGTV Previews are Coming to the Main Instagram Feed

In a recent tweet, Instagram appears to introduce IGTV previews to the main Feed of its flagship app:

This means its separate app status is now all but defunct. Sure, it will probably remain its own standalone but there’s little doubt Instagram thinks this is part of its future.

IGTV only launch about seven months ago, in June of 2018. It debuted as a mobile standalone application, featuring vertical video of up to 10 minutes. (There’s also a 60-minute time limit, but that’s reserved for verified profiles.)

How such a change will be received by Instagram users remains to be seen.

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