July 4, 2022
improved Chrome OS file manager

Google is Testing a Revamped File Manager for Chrome OS in Canary Build

A new and much-improved Chrome OS file manager now resides in the Canary version, sporting better organization for quicker access…

One of the biggest knocks against Chrome OS is its lack of a helpful (and readily accessible) file manager. Currently, it does exist but it is indeed somewhat hidden and difficult to navigate. Now, it appears the Chromium team is doing something about it.

Improved Chrome OS File Manager Appears in Canary Channel

Evangelist François Beaufort notes on his Google+ profile a new experience is now surfacing in the Canary interface. “The Files app features a brand new “My Files” section to better organize local files in Chrome OS canary 🐤 channel, given the addition of Android and Linux files. It also takes this as an opportunity to improve the side navigation to clearly group root types.”

Here’s a screenshot of the new Chrome OS file manager, complete with the inclusions of Android and Linux:

improved Chrome OS file manager
Credit: François Beaufort

Beaufort also states this is an experiment. But, says it should roll out, with the following order:

1. Recents
2. Media Views (Images, Videos and Audio)
3. Shortcuts
4. My Files
     4.2. Play Files (if enabled)
     4.3. Linux Files (if enabled)
5. Other volumes (zip, usb, etc.)
6. Google Drive volumes.
7. Other File System Providers (when mounted)
8. Add new services

With it, the new manager will group downloads into separate root directories: Chrome OS, Play, and Linux. It’s a more organized interface and will definitely help users, should it make it to wide, stable release.