August 3, 2022
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Improved Google App Feed Arrives for Android, iOS

An improved version of the Google app feed goes live today for Android and iOS mobile devices, featuring a more personalized user experience…

Google is reintroducing its flagship mobile app today, which now boasts a more personal feel with better controls. The new Google app feed, now available on Android and iOS, displays content relevant to its users’ interests and searches.

Newly Improved Google App Feed Rolls Out on Android, iOS

The Google app feed first debuted in December. Since that time, the search giant has “advanced our machine learning algorithms to better anticipate what’s interesting and important to you,” Shashi Thakur, VP of Engineering, explains.

Users will now see an improved interface, complete with sports highlights, articles of interest, top news, videos, music updates, and more. The latest iteration of the Google app feed not only delivers content based on previous interactions with Google but also factors in trending local news, as well as around the world. And, the more users engage the Google app, the more personalized the feed becomes.

Google app feed example
Credit: Google

Thakur states the app learns from users’ interactions. So, if a user is an avid hiker, but just has a casual interest in fitness, both will show up in the feed. Users who see content that isn’t particularly interesting can simply unfollow by just tapping on a card within the feed.

Additionally, Thakur explains while Google is getting better about anticipating what interests its users, it’s not easy to choose individualized topics. So, there’s a new “Follow” button, which appears next to certain search results. These include movies, sports franchises, bands, entertainers, celebrities, and more.

Google app feed example 2 follow button
Credit: Google

The new Google app feed also includes related stories, providing content from a variety of sources to give users different viewpoints, as seen below:

Google app feed example 3 related stories
Credit: Google

Also, the improved Google app feed gives users the power to do a deep dive into topics and places of interest:

Google app feed example 4 deep dive
Credit: Google

Again, the more users interact with the Google app, the better its experience gets. The new Google app feed is now available in the U.S. and will go global over the next couple of weeks.

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