October 24, 2020
improved iOS 14 accessibility features

Apple Added the Following New Accessibility Features to iOS 14

Apple has incorporated some notable accessibility tools in iOS 14 that make it a more ideal operating system for persons with various conditions…

There are several new and improved features announced by Apple regarding its latest operating systems aimed for people with disabilities. And, said additions and improvements are going to make its iPhone devices more comfortable to use for everybody.

Improved iOS 14 Accessibility Features

Some of these are completely new (like the Sound Recognition, which helps make hard of hearing or deaf people aware of several sounds), while others are improvements of existing ones such as the VoiceOver screen reader. This substantial list of improvements in iOS 14 and tvOS14 are intended to make Apple’s products easier to use by consumers who are deaf, blind, or otherwise disabled.

  • Sound recognition. This alerts users to critical sounds, such as doorbells, alarms, or a crying baby.
  • Back Tap. This makes launching Google’s voice assistant easier. It can also be used for replacing screen gestures that are tricky for people with motor or cognitive disabilities. Plus there are various actions that can be done with this feature.
  • FaceTime detecting sign language. The app will automatically detect if the user is
    signing, and it will make the participants easier to see.
  • Headphone accommodation. This improves sound in the
    headphones, making it more clear, with the capability to match the user’s hearing.

Although these new functionalities are designed to facilitate the use of Apple products for the disabled, their benefits go far beyond.

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