October 1, 2022

Inbox by Gmail Displaying Saved AMP Links In-App

Inbox by Gmail is showing stand alone AMP links right inside the mobile app, loading quickly, with ability to share and/or view on the mobile web…

It appears any AMP content stored inside Inbox by Gmail app under “Save to Inbox,” allows users to view pages within the mobile app, without opening a Chrome browser tab or the Google App.

Inbox by Gmail Renders Saved AMP Links within Mobile App

Many find saving links in their email convenient, not having to send a message to themselves. Google explains the feature thusly, “Use Inbox to save links to articles, videos, and other websites so you can quickly find them later. You can save links to Inbox from other apps, websites, and your device’s clipboard.”

The screenshots below show full-length AMP article content appearing right inside the Inbox by Gmail app:

Inbox by Gmail displaying saved amp links in-app example 1

Inbox by Gmail displaying saved amp links in-app example 2

Here’s how it works: open the Inbox by Gmail mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. Tap on “Saved” and then, tap on the page title to render the content within the app itself. Alternatively, tapping on “View Article” or “Open Link” opens the content in the mobile Chrome browser. This only appears to work with accelerated mobile pages.

Perhaps others have spotted the feature but it’s unclear which regions it is available. Google routinely runs tests, so it’s unsure how ubiquitous the in-app AMP content rendering is. The Inbox by Gmail already allows page previews (specifically for newsletters).

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