December 2, 2021
Inbox by Gmail snooze options

Inbox by Gmail will Soon Ditch these Two Snooze Options

Two Inbox by Gmail snooze options will no longer appear on the mobile app or web for desktop, as “Pick Place” and “Someday” are going away…

Google will soon retire two snooze options from Inbox by Gmail: “Pick Place” and “Someday.” These are both options to set-up reminders, centered around a specific location and for an unspecified time. 

Inbox by Gmail Losing Pick Place and Someday Snooze Options

Inbox by Gmail is a smart email client. The platform boasts a number of useful features. For instance, the ability to save links right in the interface, eliminating the need to send an email to one’s own account. Its reminder feature and self-categorizing sorting are also very helpful. But, some tools just don’t make a whole lot of sense.

For example, snoozing a reminder for a vague “Someday,” interval. Or, forcing users to pick a location without scheduling a day and time. Now, those two options are slated for sunsetting, according to a Google Product Forums thread. Here’s are before and after screenshots, with the current configuration on the left and the new interface on the right:

Credit: Android Police

While “Someday” is certainly the more curious of the two existing features, it appears lack of use is what’s driving the change. Some users are already reporting seeing the change on mobile and/or desktop. It does help to streamline the experience by providing fewer but more useful options.