November 8, 2022
inbox by gmail support cut off

It Sure Looks Like Inbox by Gmail is Officially Dead (Maybe Forever)

The temporary workarounds to bring Inbox by Gmail back are now failing, signaling the final demise of the innovative and beloved email client…

Google officially killed off Inbox at the beginning of the month. Prior to its demise, Google plucked key tools out of the once innovative client. Ultimately, reducing its previously ingenious evolution to just another communications platform. But, Inbox by Gmail isn’t gone forever. It can live on — at least for a little while longer — in one of two ways.

Inbox by Gmail Workaround Support Cut Off

One way to bring back Inbox by Gmail is through Inbox Theme for Gmail. It’s a Chrome browser extension which brings back that wonderful interface inside of Gmail.

For those who want to continue to enjoy the experience, this extension helps out. Unfortunately, it doesn’t magically trigger any of those lost options but it doesn’t break any functions, either.

Another way users could continue to use Inbox by Gmail was through a workaround. Redditors in ther/Android community have dug up and installed old versions of the email interface. And, it worked — until now.

Numerous users have reported problems with trying to use older versions. These won’t sync or experience other issues. It appears Inbox by Gmail is finally gone.

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