May 24, 2022
Inbox Theme for Gmail Chrome extension

Miss Inbox by Gmail? Install this Chrome Extension to Bring the Interface Back to Life — At Least, In-Part

A new Inbox Theme for Gmail Chrome extension puts the look of the beloved interface over its legacy client but doesn’t revive all those handy functions…

Google killed off Inbox with a death of a thousand cuts. It plucked key tools out of the once innovative client. Ultimately, reducing its previously ingenious evolution to just another communications platform. But, Inbox by Gmail isn’t gone forever. It lives on in another incarnation through a new Chrome extension.

Inbox Theme for Gmail Chrome Extension Debuts

Enter the Inbox Theme for Gmail. A Chrome browser extension which brings back that wonderful interface inside of Gmail.

Inbox by Gmail was first announced as an invitation-only service back in October 2015. About seven months later, in May of 2015, Google released it to the public. 

The new experience immediately gained huge popularity for many reasons. It redefined the look of traditional email. Plus, it included so many useful features. For instance, automatic bundling and reminders integration. Also, link saving, which saved links inside the interface without having to email them.

Sadly, there remains a lack of those features in the new Gmail. But, for those who want to continue to enjoy the experience, this extension helps out. Unfortunately, it doesn’t magically trigger any of those lost options but it doesn’t break any functions, either.

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