May 26, 2022
Inno Stealer Malware, Disguised as Free Windows 11 Upgrade, Steals Passwords and Cryptocurrency

Phony Windows 11 Upgrade Spreads Malware that Copies Passwords and Steals Cryptocurrency

A fake Windows 11 upgrade promises free downloads that don’t have to meet minimum requirements but installs nasty malware instead…

Microsoft released Windows 11 in October of last year. Its many improvements and features made it enticing to upgrade from version 10 for many people. However, Windows 11 has gained a notorious reputation for its hefty system requirements to run it. Like needing Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0 support. So, even some very capable and powerful desktops and laptops can’t run Windows 11. That frustrating obstacle is what is leading people to try and circumvent Microsoft’s demands.

Inno Stealer Malware, Disguised as Free Windows 11 Upgrade, Steals Passwords and Cryptocurrency

Unsurprisingly, hackers have tapped into this desire by creating a fake Windows 11 download website that cleverly mimics Microsoft’s real web presence. It looks real enough to fool people into clicking on the download link which promises a free upgrade that does not have to meet the software company’s minimum hardware requirements.

Once installed, the malicious code deploys up to nasty malware packets based on Inno Stealer that monitor the victim’s PC or laptop to mine login credentials, including usernames and passwords. Meanwhile, another strand of code syncs to steal cryptocurrency from digital wallets. Of course, the victims don’t know a thing is happening until it’s too late. Fortunately, the Cybercriminals behind this particular caper didn’t disguise their efforts too well, because the URL is nothing like an official Microsoft page, making it easy to spot by anyone paying attention.

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