May 27, 2022
Instacart pickups now include alcohol orders and store location selection

Instacart Customers can Now Buy Alcohol and Choose Their Preferred Nearby Store Locations

Instacart Pickup service now lets customers add alcohol to their orders and even choose their nearby stores, according to that day’s route…

Online grocery delivery and pickup service Instacart has added some new features to its Pickup option. Customers can now shop through smart storefronts, enjoy enable location-based notifications, and purchase alcohol.

Instacart Pickups Now include Alcohol Orders and Store Location Selection

New Instacart options not only include alcohol for its Pickup service, but also, single digit storefront assignments, and location-based conveniences. 

Instacart is offering alcohol through its partnership with 20 different retailers. Moreover, it now sports a feature that allows customers to selection stores nearby based on their route of the day, rather than defaulting to previously used locations. So, stores can also be notified when pickup customers are nearby.

The company originally launched as a delivery service, but it’s been increasingly adding more in the way of pickup. It seems to be attempting to position itself as the go-to grocery shopping and pickup provider.

Instacart says that it expects to double the number of retailers offering its pickup service this year.

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