September 19, 2022
Instacart Teams Up with Best Buy to Offer Same Day Delivery

Best Buy Now Offers Same Day Delivery through Instacart

Instacart and Best Buy have partnered up to offer their mutual customers same day delivery, starting in the United States, via the shopping app…

Tech retailer Best Buy has joined forces with delivery and pick-up service Instacart to offer consumers same day delivery. People will be able to choose from hundreds of products, including some kitchen appliances. (But, don’t expect the service to deliver a new refrigerator.) Still, if the local Best Buy has the latest gaming console in stock, this could be a convenient option.

Instacart Teams Up with Best Buy to Offer Same Day Delivery

As part of the new Instacart-Best Buy partnership, Instacart has introduced a feature called “Certified Delivery.” It gives shoppers the power to track orders with high-value price tags, as well as to confirm delivery and receipt of purchased items. Plus, Instagram plans to enable the same features for other retailers it works with in the coming months.

This is particularly useful for the current pandemic climate, where in-store shopping is hit or miss. And, at a time when delivery services for groceries, along with restaurant meals and more, are becoming increasingly popular.

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