September 15, 2022
Instagram Add Hashtags section test

Instagram might Introduce a New Way to Tidy-Up Hashtags

An Instagram ‘Add Hashtags’ section test is showing up for some users, as an option which might make its way to wide roll out on the platform…

It sure looks like Instagram is running another test. Currently, the social site is experimenting with geo-fencing or geo-restriction, a feature which allows users to select which countries can see their content. Apparently, it’s also testing a new way to manage hashtags.

Instagram ‘Add Hashtags’ Section Test Spotted

App researcher Jane Manchun Wong found the tool in an updated interface. Wong sent out a screenshot via Twitter, which depicts a new “Add Hashtags” section. It also includes a companion section of suggested hashtags, as well as a relevant search feature:

Wong states there seems like there’s no permitted limit. With the new option, hashtags move to their own area, instead of the caption space, where these familiar social media operators currently live.

It’s a good solution to the overcrowding problem so commonly seen in users’ posts. Many contain long strings of hashtags, which may or may not actually be trending. It would also help to sort all the content posted on the site, with suggestions readily available for users to choose from when posting pics or video.

As with all these kinds of tests, it might go live across the platform to all users. Or, Instagram may conclude it’s not worthwhile and kill it off.

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