October 1, 2022

Instagram Adds Photo Tagging Feature

Instagram photo tagging
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New York, New York–The photo sharing site, Instagram,  has just launched a new user feature that allows subscribers to add names to their images, just like its parent company Facebook and other social networks like Google+, which recently allowed subscribers to use GIF files as their chosen profile images.

Instagram made an announcement through its blog yesterday, which read in-part, “photos are memories of the people, places and moments that mean the most to us.” The company further stated on its weblog that its is has and will continue to seek new ways to provide users with both simple, yet expressive, ways to bring the stories behind their photos to life.

The Three W’s of Instagram

Until now, Instagram users could answer two of the three W’s in “What”, “Where” and “Who”. The photo sharing platform uses hashtags to explain the “what”. And the question of “where?” is answered through the site’s Photo Map. And now, the question of “who?” is in the image can be found through tagging people appearing in the photo.

New Additions to the Instagram Tagging Feature

Not only can registered users tag faces in the uploaded photos, soon users site wide will be able to take advantage of a feature which at present is limited. The corresponding feature of the tagging system is called the, “Photos of You” section, according to an article in the New York Daily News. Though it’s available for Instagram users to check-out, it won’t be fully accessible to everyone until May 16.

As with Facebook, Instagram users can change their account settings so that they must personally approve an image before it’s tagged and made public. The social, photo sharing site recently reached 100 million users and was purchased by Facebook for $1 billion dollars in 2012. The largest social site on the internet also purchased Parse, a cloud-based app development platform for programmers

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