September 17, 2022
Instagram is Now Heavily Promoting Reels

Instagram is Really getting Serious about Pushing Reels, its TikTok Clone, Really Hard

Instagram has made a couple of bold moves to it s mobile app that involve promoting Reels, its version of the wildly popular TikTok format…

Released only about a month and a half ago, Reels serves as Facebook’s alternative to its super-popular TikTok rival. With the future of its competitor very uncertain in the US, Instagram is aggressively seizing on its apparent opportunity. Serious deliberations are underway in the US government to take further action against the Chinese-based social media app. So, Instagram is in a key position to gain a sizable market share. To that end, the Facebook subsidiary is putting reels front and center.

Instagram Adds Reels Button to the Home Screen, and Replaces the Explore Tab with It in India

Just just under 50 days since its release, Instagram has added a shortcut to reels on the home screen. Prior, it was accessible only through the explorer section, and direct messages. Now, its prominently placed shortcut resides right next to the DM button in the main navigation bar at the bottom of the mobile app. That’s not all Instagram is doing to push users into experiencing the feature.

Over in India, Instagram has outright replaced the explorer tab with Reels. These are very similar moves, that both point in the same undeniable direction — Instagram is not so subtly nudging its users into using Reels. This makes a lot of sense, given that both the United States and India have taken action against Chinese apps.

The US government has already banned TikTok across it s military branches, as well as most of its civilian government agencies. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said on more than one occasion that the country is seriously considering a nationwide ban. Meanwhile, India took similar actions, banning practically all Chinese apps from its country recently. Though India did restore them to various degrees, it might still enact a sweeping ban.

With those two major markets off limits to TikTok, Instagram has a huge opportunity with reels. So, expect to see reels take a increasingly prominent position in the Facebook ecosystem.

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