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Some Instagram Users are Seeing a Dark Mode for Android in the Wild

Instagram Android dark mode

Credit: Android Police

Some people are seeing a dark theme for Instagram on the latest version of Android, which appears to pop-up as a limited test…

Although the newest release of Android, version 10, sports support for dark mode, only a small number of apps also do the same. However, one such example, at least anecdotally, is Instagram

Instagram Android Dark Mode Test Spotted

It appears Instagram is experimenting with a dark theme for its Android app. This is a huge departure from the social site’s long-running history of an overwhelming white UI.

A number of people running beta builds of the social app — such as version — are reporting an automatic adaption for dark mode. (That is, in cases where device owners have already set the system-wide theme to dark.)

While this might be an initial test, Instagram shows signs of joining others that have already pushed out dark modes. Gmail just introduced its own, and Instagram parent company Facebook has also experimented with a dark theme. Likewise, Messenger received a dark option back in April. Twitter did the same earlier this year.

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