September 21, 2021
Instagram App Linking

Instagram Users might Soon be Able to Link Up Multiple Accounts through a Single Login

Code for Instagram App Linking currently resides in the Alpha version of the Android program, which might make its way to wide release…

It looks like Instagram is working on an option which may eventually give its users the ability to log into multiple accounts with a single username-password combination. Social media researcher Ishan Agarwal recently told TechCrunch about its existence in the code of the alpha version for Android.

Instagram App Linking Feature Uncovered in Code of Android Alpha Version

The feature is called “App Linking” and it gives people the power to run more than one account with a single set of credentials. So, if someone has a personal profile, a business or brand account, and a hobby account, it makes management more easy.

Part of the code reads:

“Quickly and securely log in to all of your Instagram accounts with one ID and password . . . Make one of your accounts your main account and use it to log in to all of your other accounts at once . . . Your accounts will remain separate but logging in will be fast and simple . . . Anyone who has the password for your main account will have access to the accounts connected to it.”

Of course, since it resides in the alpha build, there’s no guarantee it will make its way to stable release for everyone.

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