December 2, 2020
Instagram AI tool

Instagram will Use AI, Machine Learning to Spot Bullying in Pics and Captions

A new Instagram AI tool will aid in proactively spotting bullying in both photo uploads and captions to help preserve the platform’s reputation…

Facebook subsidiary Instagram can already track down some bullying in comments. But, it’s limited to text and can’t do the same for pictures. So, the social service is introducing a new tool which uses machine learning to “proactively” detect bullying in photos, along with captions.

Instagram Artificial Intelligence Tool to Detect Bullying in Photos and Captions

The new AI system will, however, not be the final arbiter. It’s only a tool to aid in finding harassment. Human moderators will still review content before making a final determination.

Instagram states the feature will roll out in the “coming weeks.”

Additionally, the team will also crack down on abuse going out over live broadcasts. It will include a new filter for live video. It’s already available globally. Moreover, the social service will counter negativity with a new kindness camera filter.

Instagram has long stood up against bullying on the platform. And, it appears this is where parent corporation Facebook, will earn the majority of its ad revenue and growth in the future. Currently, Instagram should generate $8 to $9 billion in ad revenue this year. 

Last quarter, Instagram generated an estimated $2 billion, equal to about 15 percent of Facebook’s $13 billion in ad revenue. It’s estimated to increase to nearly 70 percent by 2020.

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