June 23, 2021
Instagram branded content tool

Instagram Branded Content Tool Opens to More Creators

The Instagram branded content tool, first released in June to limited users, now opens to certain additional creators on the platform…

Just five months ago, Instagram debuted its branded content tool. A feature only available to celebrities and influencers using Sponsored Posts. Now, the Facebook subsidiary is opening that option up to more users. That is, provided those users already have access to its proprietary Insights Data.

“Today we are expanding availability of the tool to Instagrammers with high levels of engagement and access to insights. This expansion will allow us to continue to learn how creators, businesses and the community engage with branded content,” the Instagram Business Team explains.

Instagram Branded Content Tool Access Expanded

For those unfamiliar, the Instagram branded content tool is an identifier, alerting users to Sponsored Posts. In other words, celebrities and others who feature certain brands in their posts.┬áThese posts are clearly labeled, “Paid partnership with…”

Instagram branded content tool example
Credit: Instagram

Those with access to the branded content tool can also create posts without using the option. But, starting today, the company states it will begin notifying accounts after detecting brands in posts created without the tool. Those profiles then have the option to tag a business.

This comes at a time when social media companies and search engines are under heavy scrutiny from the federal government about consumer protection. In fact, the Federal Trade Commission published a press release which warned Instagram to clearly disclose relationships between itself and influencers and brands.