December 9, 2021
Instagram Stories carousel ads

Instagram Stories Users will Now See More Ads

Good news for brands and not so good news for users, a new Instagram Stories carousel ads format will soon show up in the feed…

Instagram Stories carousel ads will soon be a part of the user experience, thanks to a change on the platform. Instagram has announced it will bring carousel ads to Instagram Stories, something already found in the main feed.

Instagram Stories Carousel Ads Format to Appear Soon

Up until now, advertisers could only use a single image or video in Instagram Stories, but that’s changing. With the new format, brands can use up to three types of media per Stories ad, the Instagram Business Team explains. (However, the company might up the number of media in the future.)

The Facebook subsidiary has over 300 million DAUS or daily active users. Because of this large reach, it’s a prime opportunity to establish yet another stream of revenue. “It’s a feature that was requested from businesses and advertisers, given the power that they’ve seen through organic stories with multiple pieces of content,” Director of Product Marketing Susan Rose says.

For advertisers, this provides a different way to present products and services through a small narrative. It gives brands more opportunity to tell a story rather than having to cram a message into a single photo or video. What’s more, it gives advertisers a way to interact with consumers through drawing tools and stickers.

As for users, the new Instagram Stories ads format works just like any other story. Users can pause an ad story or swipe forward and backward as desired. Presently, Instagram is only opening the option to a few brands, including Gap, Coca-Cola, and Paramount.

To see the carousel ads format in action, click over to the official Instagram Business blog.