June 23, 2022
Instagram CEO Reveals more about How its Feed Algorithms Work

Yes, Instagram’s CEO did Reveal a Bit More about How its Feed Algorithms Work (but Not Much)

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri recently published a blog post, explaining a little more about how its algorithmic feed really works…

Instagram changed its Feed from chronological to algorithmic more than five years ago. Since that time, there’s been a significant amount of speculation and misconceptions about how the software works. Just recently, CEO Adam Mosseri wrote a blog post that attempts to clear up some of how it surfaces content. Unsurprisingly to those who have even a rudimentary understanding of social media, Mosseri explains there’s no one algorithm deciding what people see. Instead, each batch of code has its own set of governing rules of how it ranks content. 

Instagram CEO Reveals more about How its Feed Algorithms Work

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri say that all algorithms are designed to work broadly in the same way. Which means the code is “tailored to how people use it.” For example, to place more prominence on posts and Stories from friends, families, and close connections. There are thousands of “signals” Instagram employs to determine the popularity and placement of posts, including users’ recent activity and interactions.

Instagram uses all these data points to choose content its users are most likely to spend the most time on and interact with. “The more likely you are to take an action, and the more heavily we weigh that action, the higher up you’ll see the post.”

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