June 21, 2022
Instagram Close Friends private Stories

Instagram Introduces a New Private Stories Feature called ‘Close Friends’

Instagram Close Friends, a new ways to share Stories privately, comes to the social site, giving users another way to stay connected…

Facebook subsidiary social site Instagram is rolling out a new private Stories option, simply called “Close Friends.” As one might imagine, it allows users to share Stories between certain people, keeping it from public view.

Instagram ‘Close Friends’, Private Stories Feature, Introduced

The new Instagram Close Friends private Stories feature is another take on the popular format. (So popular, it beats out the company which invented the ephemeral format, Snapchat. Instagram boast more than 400 million daily active stories users, while Snapchat claims 188 million.)

For users to access the new Instagram Close Friends private Stories tool, they must first create a Close Friends list. Creators have total control over who is or isn’t on the list as others can’t request invitations. 

Instagram Close Friends
Credit: Instagram

The new Instagram Close Friends private Stories format offers users more granular control. 

That’s not the only thing new with Instagram Stories. At the beginning of the month, the company made it possible to add music tracks to the format. To use, simply Shazam any song and then tap the share button. Instagram will appear as one of the options. (But, it requires using the latest version of both mobile apps.) When posted, others see the cover art of the relevant album.

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