November 2, 2022
Instagram Collections

It Sure Looks like Instagram is about to Poach Collections from Pinterest, just as its Rival goes Public

Instagram Collections first debuted as a private option two years ago, but a recent look at its Android code reveal its about to take on Pinterest…

About two years ago, Instagram introduced a new feature called “Collections.” The Facebook subsidiary gave its users the ability to organize their favorite, saved Instagram posts into groups. Users could also share these collections with others.

Additionally, the original organizer can grant other users of shared collections permission to make their own contributions. However, all these interactions remained private.

Instagram Collections, Pinterest-Like Feature, Found Buried in Android App Code

Now, it appears Instagram is readying an option to make those collections public. First spotted by software developer Jane Manchun Wong, code inside the Android app reveals a tool to “Make Creations Public.”

What makes this all-the-more interesting is the fact it’s a familiar feature in Pinterest. Although social sites routinely copy features from one another, this is particularly interesting because of the timing.

Pinterest just filed for an IPO. And, Facebook made the same move just before rival Snapchat went public.

Back then, Facebook rolled out Instagram Stories. Doing this effectively stole all Snapchat’s thunder and the company has yet to recover. Repeating this strategy might inflict significant damage on Pinterest but help boost Facebook’s numbers.

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