September 22, 2021
Instagram Continuous Stories

Instagram is Now Letting Users Split Stories into Segments to Upload Longer Videos

Instagram Continuous Stories allow users to effectively post longer videos on the social site, by splitting them up into segments…

The quick success of ephemeral stories on Snapchat lead rival Facebook to clone the format. It copied the technology and introduced Instagram Stories. Since that time, the world’s largest social network has added the stories format to more of its services.

And, it’s now dominating the field. Facebook Stories now claims 150 million DAUs or daily active users, with Messenger Stories garnering 70 million DAUs, since last September. Combined, that’s 220 million DAUs as of May last year. Conversely, according to its own numbers, Snapchat claims 188 million DAUs, which is down from 191 million

Instagram Continuous Stories Debut

These stories are typically time-limited and usually disappear after 24 hours. Instagram Stories was previously restricted to just 15 seconds in duration. But, it now appears this is changing.

As shown in the video below, users who upload videos longer than 15 seconds see the content split into different segments. However, a Reddit user points out the subsequent segments do not carry over the text from the initial footage. 

From recent reports, it seems this is rolling out in stages, so not everyone has the option. Instagram just introduced QR nametags and is experimenting with a school communities test. It also recently added GIFs to direct messages.

Last week, it was learned the company is likewise testing sharing users’ locations with Facebook to sell more targeted ads.

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