January 12, 2021
Instagram DM polls

Instagram Now Supports Private Polls in DMs but Not Everyone can Use Them

Instagram DM polls are now available to a select group of users for testing on Android and iOS, offering another option for private conversations…

Social site Instagram just introduced a new direct message feature: polls. It works the same way as adding poll stickers to Stories. But now, users can send the option to select recipients. Everyone in the group chat can view the poll results in real-time.

Instagram Direct Message Polls Debut for Android and iOS

Polls stickers for Stories first debuted back in October. Instagram then added an Emoji slider and the Questions sticker. (The company likewise added GIFs to Stories in January.) Now, it’s allowing some accounts to add polls to Direct:

“Starting today, you can send a poll privately in Direct. Update your app to choose who you want to poll – whether it’s everyone in a big group thread or just your very best friend. Update your app now to try it!”

Here’s the announcement and video explainer Instagram tweeted out:

The feature is now live on the latest version of the Instagram app for Android and iOS, though it’s only accessible to a select group at this time.