November 2, 2022
Instagram Direct Messages activity status

Instagram Now Tells Everyone Who is Active on Its Platform and When

A new Instagram Direct Messages activity status will tell users who is active and when they’re on the app, but the function can easily be disabled…

Facebook subsidiary Instagram just introduced a new but familiar feature: activity statuses inside Direct Messages. The function went live with the latest updates for Android and iOS apps.

Instagram Direct Messages Activity Status goes Live

Now, Instagram displays an indicator, which tells followers when users were last active, positioned directly under the usernames. However, activity status is currently only available with Direct Messages. (At this time, it’s unknown if the function will make its way to another part of the app.)

Facebook already does this for its desktop platform and the social network also enabled it in Messenger some time ago. However, it’s easy to disable the Instagram Direct Messages activity status, unlike others. Here’s how to turn it off:

  1. Open Instagram
  2. Navigate to Settings
  3. Locate “Show Activity Status”
  4. Swipe left to toggle the feature off

Instagram Direct Messages activity status screenshot

It’s important to note, once disabled, users cannot see other users’ activity statuses, either.