October 23, 2021
Instagram direct messages GIFs

Instagram Users can Now Send GIFs in DMs

Instagram direct messages GIFs are here, following the social media site’s introduction of the animations for Stories earlier this year…

Back in January, Instagram Stories GIFs debuted. The social platform then abruptly removed the option in early March. Then, it put it back at the end of March. Now, users can also send the animations in DMs or direct messages. It appears as an option in the composition bar. 

Instagram Direct Messages GIFs Debut

Instagram users can simply open or start a message thread. Then, tap on a new GIF button and it opens a library which surfaces the latest trending animations. Choose one or search by keyword. (Of course, it’s powered by GIPHY.)

Instagram DMs GIFs in-action
Credit: Instagram

There’s also an option to send a random GIF:

“You can also add an element of surprise by sending a random GIF. After you type in the search bar, simply tap “random” to send a random GIF associated with what you’ve searched.”

Instagram direct messages GIFs are now available on both Android and iOS in the latest version of the app. The company is also reportedly working on a native reshare “regram” button. And, the social platform is likewise testing a new way to rein-in hashtag madness.

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