November 5, 2022
Instagram direct messaging future

Instagram Exec Says Opening DMs should Feel like ‘Walking into a Party’

Instagram could change quite drastically from its current incarnation in the not too distant future, according to one of its top executives…

Social site Instagram might well look and feel very different than it does now in the future. At least, that’s the big picture given in a podcast by one of the company’s execs.

Instagram Direct Messaging Future Teased

The director of product for Instagram messaging, Connor Hayes, explains what the company sees as the future of the technology. Hayes tellsĀ The Verge Instagram will give its users a party-type experience in the future:

“If we do our job well, at the end of the day Instagram, when you open it up, is going to feel a lot more like walking into a party and hanging out with your friends than it is today, and we see messaging as a big part of that.”

This could happen when or after Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger all merge their messaging platforms together. (Parent company Facebook has already tested cross-app notifications back in May of 2017.)

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