November 2, 2022
Instagram Direct shutdown announced

Instagram Begins Telling Users it is Shutting Down its Standalone Messaging App, Direct

Instagram has started notifying its standalone messaging app users of the impending shutdown of Direct, sometime next month…

Soon, Instagram will kill off its dedicated messaging app, Direct. Users have already been receiving notifications of the coming sunset “in the coming month.” However, there’s no exact date.

Instagram Direct Standalone Messaging App Shutdown Announced

The forthcoming Instagram Direct standalone messaging app shutdown fortunately won’t push users’ content out into the digital ether world. Instead, the Facebook subsidiary will port users’ conversations over to the main Instagram app. So, the change won’t delete users’ DMs.

Instagram first announced Direct back in December of 2013. It launched sometime later in a few countries before rolling out slightly more widely. Since that time, Direct has added a number of features. This include Giphy GIFs, along with a desktop interface of the messaging platform.

But, it never gained any real traction. Instagram mostly kept the app in beta release. So, it can’t really compete with other, much more popular apps, like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. (Those services have 1.3 billion and 1.5 billion users, respectively.)

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