August 1, 2021
Instagram DMs Now Automatically Block Messages from Strangers containing Abusive Language

Instagram Adds an Abusive Language Filter to its DMs to Keep Strangers at Bay

Instagram now blocks direct messages from strangers containing threatening or abusive language and adds a separate inbox as well…

Instagram has introduced a new filter to its direct messaging system, which will automatically block out missives from strangers containing explicit language, as well as abuse or threats. The Facebook subsidiary has also added a separate inbox where messages from people that are not connected will automatically go. Instagram states that this is part of its initiative to reduce abuse on the platform and to provide a more pleasant user experience.

Instagram DMs Now Automatically Block Messages from Strangers containing Abusive Language

Of course, this new filter technology largely relies on machine learning and artificial intelligence. The program will automatically identify and flag certain words and phrases, meaning that it won’t be able to discern as well as human moderators could. However, with hundreds of millions of users on the site, it’s not logistically possible to have people go through every message between users who aren’t connected. Plus, it would raise privacy concerns if that was the case.

Additionally, this should also help reduce the proliferation of fake accounts and bots, which often use automated tools in order to generate messages. Instagram certainly isn’t alone in fighting bogus accounts. Facebook claims that it removes over 1 billion fake accounts per year. That works out to approximately 83,333,333 bogus accounts per month or 2.74 million per day.

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