November 4, 2022
Instagram Explore Page shopping tags

Instagram Introduces Shopping Tabs for Its Explore Page

Instagram Explore Page shopping tags will soon appear on the social site, as the company pushes further into the ecommerce space…

Believe it or not, Instagram is a popular online shopping hub. In fact, the company revealed 90 million users per month tap on posts to see shopping tags. What’s more, over 25 million businesses have an Instagram presence. And, 2 million companies advertise with Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer, disclosed on its most recent earnings call. (This is the reason the site is working on a standalone shopping app.)

Instagram Explore Page Shopping Tag Debuts

Now, in keeping with its wider foray into the world of app-based shopping, the company will add shopping tags to its Explore page. It’s a simple technology which allows users to see more about a certain product. Additionally, Instagram will allow brands to add stickers to Stories for the first time. In both instances, people can simply tap on tags to purchase merchandise.

The platform continues to work toward a more robust experience. Rival Pinterest already drives online purchases with its many recipes and instructional guides for meals and crafts. (Also, for online purchases of clothing, including shoes and more.)

Instagram is capitalizing on what it does best — delivering images and video to people. Those same people are consumers, of course. So, it’s broadening its in-place shopping program.

Should the new tags prove successful, the site might not even launch a standalone shopping app. Or, it might do so as an alternative.

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