August 3, 2021
Instagram Explore tap-to-scroll

Instagram is Testing a New Tap-to-Scroll Option in Explore

A new Instagram Explore tap-to-scroll feature, currently in testing, might make its way to full release to pull users into the time-waste vortex…

Instagram Explore works just like its main feed. Users must scroll to see more content. But, that might change. The company is testing a different way to get from one post to the next.

Instagram Explore Tap-to-Scroll Test Spotted

Instagram is now experimenting with an option to move through Explore just as users already do through Stories. Twitter user Suprateek Bose has posted a screenshot of the new Instagram Explore tap-to-scroll feature in-action:

The company confirmed the test to TechCrunch, saying:

“We’re always testing ways to improve the experience on Instagram and bring you closer to the people and things you love.”

But, it explained it does not have plans to bring the option to the main feed — at least at this time. The site already advances from one video to another upon conclusion. With such a feature in-place, it makes discovering new accounts and users all that more simple.

As per usual, the test is currently limited to a small group of users. Depending on how it’s received, it may or may not bring the option to all users.

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