November 4, 2022
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People Now Spend Nearly as Much Time on Instagram as Facebook (and Snapchat isn’t Far Behind)

Facebook-Instagram usage is growing closer to parity but Snapchat is also well in the mix, as the latter two begin to catch up…

Social media behemoth Facebook is facing a stark reality. It continues to show signs of plateauing in the most advanced, developed markets, particularly in North America. This month, Instagram usage in the United States rose to nearly equal that of Facebook on the Android apps, according to new data from Similar Web.

Instagram-Facebook Usage Similar New Data Reveals

For many months, Facebook battled against what it internally calls “context collapse.” That’s a trend in which users spend more time on site but share less original content (also referred to as “original content broadcasting”). But now, usage is not only stalling but starting to shrink.

On average, usage for the Instagram app for Android hit 53 minutes per day in June. During the same month, Facebook Android app users spent an average of 58 minutes. Meanwhile, Snapchat recorded 49.5 minutes, on average, for the month of June.

These figures represent a relatively new trend in which Facebook continues to stagnate while its subsidiary Instagram, acquired in 2012, grows. So, Facebook might have to rely on Instagram and WhatsApp, another subsidiary, for user growth.

This is very important because these “free” services sell ads based on collecting user information. The time-on-site metric is also important because the more time users spend on the networks, the more adverts people see.

Back in 2017, people spent more time on Snapchat than Instagram but since that time, Instagram has edged ahead. All three sites have experienced growth in average engagement since 2017.

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