June 23, 2022
Instagram fake Story views

Instagram will Start Cracking Down on Fake Views of Stories

News reports state Instagram will start training its sites on fake views and likes for Stories, which are largely perpetrated by bots…

Instagram is now reportedly working on a fix for a recent onslaught of fake views and likes of Stories. This, due to the large uptick in stories receiving numerous likes and views.

Instagram Fake Story Views Crackdown Begins

The news comes from a TechCrunch report which reveals spammers and other nefarious individuals are attempting to gain new followers.

Basically, what’s happening is bots are posting fake likes and views to Stories on the platform, regardless if there’s a genuine connection. So, real people are publishing real stories, which are then spammed with fake views and likes. That’s intended to get those real individuals to follow unscrupulous accounts.

This tactic started gaining traction after Instagram announced it would crackdown on bots and paid likes back in November of last year.

The platform is setting its focus on third-party apps which cheat the system. These generate fake likes, comments, followers, and even help to facilitate creating more user engagement.

Of course, none of this bad behavior is new to the social property. Like its parent, Facebook and rival Twitter, fake accounts and machine-generated activities are a real problem.

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