September 20, 2022
Instagram Focus portrait mode

Instagram Releases “Focus” Portrait Mode Feature in Latest Update

The newly released Instagram Focus portrait mode is just the feature for certain iOS and Android phones which lack dual cameras…

Smartphone makers are increasingly bringing portrait mode to their devices through dual cameras. But, the folks at Instagram are giving users access to the digital snap feature through technology. It’s called “Focus,” and it’s now available to select iOS and Android phones.

Instagram Focus Portrait Mode Introduced for iOS, Android

Now, in the latest version of Instagram, users will see “Focus” right alongside “Superzoom,” under the record button. Focus mimics portrait mode photos, which blur out backgrounds to make the subject pop. (It’s similar to using a high-grade lens with a shallow depth-of-field.) 

When a user taps on “Focus,” the app searches for a face. Thereafter, the app blurs the background with a filter. At this time, it’s not precise and might overly soften the edges. Also, the quality isn’t perfect.

The Instagram Focus portrait mode is for use with photos or video. (All the user has to do is to press and hold the shutter button to capture video.) Focus is available on the latest iteration of the Instagram app, version 39. It works with “iPhone SE, 6S, 6S+, 7, 7+, 8, 8+ and X and select Android devices.”

Additionally, Instagram is making @mentions stickers available on iOS for Stories.