June 18, 2021
Instagram geo-restricted posts

App Researcher Uncovers a New Instagram Test that Allows Users to Restrict Posts to Specific Countries

Instagram geo-restricted posts might soon become a choice for the app’s users, according to a new find popping-up in the options menu…

Facebook subsidiary Instagram is now testing a geofencing feature for posts and stories. It allows users to make post and story content only visible within select countries, instead of worldwide.

Instagram Geo-Restricted Post Test Spotted

The option, first spotted by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, shows-up in the menu when uploading a post or story. Here’s a screenshot Wong posted in a tweet:

It’s not clear how individuals would receive or use the tool. But, it does make sense for brands. Advertisers could make good use out of such a feature, limiting their campaigns to specific territories.

And, this certainly isn’t the only geo-restriction tool in the world of social media. Twitter, YouTube, and others allow publishers and people alike to choose regions. Outside those zones, content isn’t visible or blocked.

Additionally, this is an apparent test. It’s unknown whether or not Instagram will roll it out broadly to all, limit it to certain countries, or just kill it off, outright. However, it does show Instagram is exploring different options for improved localization.

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