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Instagram gives Its Users Creative Ways to Reply to a Pic or Story

new Instagram photo video reply

Credit: TechCrunch

New Instagram photo video reply options come to the Facebook subsidiary, giving users more creative ways to express themselves…

Instagram just made picture and Story replies more interesting by adding a few neat options. A report by TechCrunch reveals the popular photo and video sharing platform now lets its users play around with original message replies.

New Instagram Photo, Video Reply Options Roll Out

When a user receives an image or a video, he or she can now tap on a new button in the conversation thread. Tapping on the reply icon transforms the original photo into a sticker, which pins to the top right corner. Users can opt to leave the sticker in-place but tapping on it reveals more options.

Credit: TechCrunch

The pinned image can easily be moved around the screen, titled, or drawn on. Tapping on it expands to fill the top half of the screen. Users are then able to take a selfie to fill the bottom half. From there, users can add filters, draw on the picture, add stickers, write text, or a combination thereof. Users can also reply with a video instead of sending a photo back in a boomerang.

The new reply options aren’t only applicable to direct messages, they also work with Stories. Story watchers may also reply with text by tapping on the text box located at the bottom of the screen. Or, users can opt to send a picture or video by tapping on the camera icon, located at the bottom left.

Currently, Facebook is running a limited Instagram two user, split-screen live video test, which will roll out to everyone over the next few months. It allows two users to join one live Story.

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