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Instagram Expands its Hidden Likes Test Globally and is Now Concealing Video View Counts, Too

Instagram hidden Likes test expands globally

Credit: Forbes

Instagram hidden Likes test expands globally, after debuting in Canada and arriving in six other countries, including the United States…

In April, app researcher Jane Manchung Wong discovered code in the Instagram app that would conceal Likes from the public. It went live in a limited capacity thereafter. Now, the Facebook subsidiary is ready to expand it to the entire globe.

Instagram Hidden Likes Test Expands Worldwide

The Instagram hidden Likes test initially debuted in Canada. Instagram then expanded it to six more countries: Ireland, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand. Not long after, parent company Facebook did the same, starting in Australia. It also applies to video view counts, with the original poster seeing the stats but not viewable by anyone else.

The Instagram test of hiding Likes is part of a strategy to get people to focus on content, rather than counting Likes.

Although, Likes won’t completely disappear. While they’ll be missing from the Feed, on the web, and in profiles, original authors can still see them — just not the public.

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