November 4, 2022
Instagram makes big changes to IGTV

Instagram Makes These Big Changes to Live and IGTV

Instagram is rolling out some key changes and new features to its Live platform, in order to make watching and saving content easier…

Back in 2016, Instagram introduced its Live platform but it only recently took off, bolstered by the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, the company states that Live usage is up by an incredible 70 percent in the United States. As a result, the site is introducing a few new features to make viewing and saving content a bit simpler.

Instagram IGTV/Desktop Live Update Changes

Now, anyone around the globe can watch and comment on Live videos from their desktop or laptop. There’s also a new button that gives users the power to upload their finished live streams directly over to IGTV. Creators can likewise opt to share a preview of their content on their feed, as well as profile. (However, comments and question stickers won’t carry over to IGTV.)

Previously, Live videos expired after a 24 hour period. And, although people have struggled to make them available after filming ends, there’s been no real good solution. So, it was very difficult to upload Live content to IGTV or anywhere else. But, with these changes, that is changing and this could indeed lead to more people using the platform.

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