September 16, 2022
Instagram IGTV Standalone Vertical Video App Meets its End

Instagram is Finally Killing Off the IGTV Standalone App

Instagram is finally giving up on its standalone, short-form, vertical video app, IGTV, after four years of trying to make it popular…

Instagram introduced its short-form, video IGTV standalone mobile application back in 2018. At the time the Meta (Facebook) subsidiary was attempting to cash in on the popularity of vertical media orientation. (After all, informal polls and plenty of anecdotal evidence strongly supported the notion that people prefer it over landscape viewing.) However, the app never really caught on, so the photo-centric social platform rebranded it as Instagram TV in 2020, though this did not result in gaining any more significant popularity. Now, it is set to shut down after four years of trying.

Instagram IGTV Standalone Vertical Video App Meets its End

Instagram didn’t come to the decision lightly. In fact, the company gave it a prominent position within its flagship app, promoting it in users’ news feeds and giving it priority practically anywhere it could. Still, its integration over the last two years has also failed to pay off and that led to the standalone app’s pending demise.

But, this doesn’t mean the format is completely gone. It will remain part of the main app and we’ll have the option for full-screen video viewing, along with new ways to share regular videos and posts that can be converted to Reels. Additionally, creators are being incentivized with new options for ad revenue and that will motivate them to produce even more content.

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