November 2, 2022
Instagram IGTV video Facebook sharing

Instagram is Working on a Way to Share IGTV Videos to Facebook

The team over at Instagram is working on a new feature to share IGTV videos to Facebook but it’s only in the early stages…

Now Instagram’s founders have departed, Facebook is working on a new way to more closely integrate the photo-sharing app with its flagship.

Uncovered by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, the experiment involves sharing IGTV content to Facebook and Facebook Watch. It appears under a button labeled “make visible to Facebook.”

Instagram IGTV Video Facebook Sharing Option Spotted

The new Instagram IGTV video sharing tool for Facebook is in-place but doesn’t yet work. The shortcuts don’t work but do show how it would function, when enabled.

If Facebook makes a go of the option, it would encourage more IGTV creators to share to the flagship, particularly to Facebook Watch. 

It might also give a lift to the IGTV app itself. At present, the IGTV app it ranks at 159 in the Apple App Store in the Photo & Video category.  It also has a mere 19,601 installs in the Google Play Store.

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