July 4, 2022
Instagram influencer DM filters

Instagram to Soon Provide its Influencer Community with DM Filters and Follower Stats

Instagram influencer DM filters and follower statistics will soon come to the community, tools already available to brands, the company states…

Facebook subsidiary social site Instagram is now testing a new feature for high-profile personalities. Particularly, well-known individuals, like celebrities, artists, and influencers. Soon, “creator accounts” will have the option to apply DM filters and to see follower statistics.

Instagram Influencer DM Filters and Follower Stats Planned

Presently, a small group is trying out the features, which Instagram plans to bring to more influencers next year. The tools include “flexible labels,” giving users the power to assign means of contact. Plus, creator accounts get access to analytic data, providing much-needed insight of what followers like and don’t like.

The creator accounts messaging is grouped in three categories: read, unread, and flagged. Additionally, the system allows for prioritization of requests.

Instagram product manager Ashley Yuki said in a recent interview: 

“We want to make sure that Instagram is the best place, and the easiest place, to build fan communities and also build [creators’] personal brands.”

Yuki also explained the current options in creator accounts are part of a plan to widen inclusion for a larger number of profiles. Although similar to the tools Instagram already provides to business profiles, these are a bit different. Influencers will most definitely welcome the changes, being able to better produce content that’s pleasing to followers.

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