August 6, 2022
Instagram Introduces New Account Controls and Bulk Delete Tools

ICYMI: Instagram is Rolling Out a New Bulk Delete Feature for Posts and Interactions

Instagram is rolling out new account controls, along with a bulk delete option for posts and interactions to all users…

Instagram began experimenting with a new feature in December that let testers delete content and interactions in bulk. Apparently, the trial run was a success because the company is making the tools available to everyone. The new option is being introduced in a new section of the photo-sharing app named “Your Activity.” Plus, there are also some new account controls that are also debuting.

Instagram Introduces New Account Controls and Bulk Delete Tools

Instagram has always had an option for deleting posts, along with certain interactions like comments. However, these had to be removed manually, one by one. So, if someone wanted to delete a previous post or a comment, they had to hunt the content down individually to remove it from the platform. Of course, this could be very time-consuming and obviously required a good deal of searching. But now, people can remove several items at once.

Additionally, there are some more granular controls that are rolling out that will give users more options within their own profiles. There are also shortcuts to review time spent in the app, search history, link clicks, and account-level activity like username changes. All In all, these new features are intended to give people the power to control things not only under their own accounts but in other areas of the apps, such as being able to delete interactions with others.

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