November 5, 2022
Instagram karaoke lyrics

Facebook Heads-Off Rival TikTok with Karaoke Lyrics for Instagram

Instagram karaoke lyrics are a new way for users to express themselves through the Stories format and a strike against rival TikTok…

There’s little question about which social media platform tweens and teens prefer these days. It’s why parent company Facebook continues to pour more resources into subsidiary Instagram.

Now, the social site has a new weapon in its arsenal to wield against its rivals — karaoke lyrics for Stories.

Instagram Karaoke Lyrics Feature Debuts

When Snapchat debuted the stories format, Facebook put a copy on Instagram. More recently, TikTok made gains with lip-syncing. Not to be outdone, Instagram now sports karaoke lyrics for Stories.

Users simply choose a Music lens, select a song, and lyrics pop-up. Instagram even provides various animations to enhance content. TikTok is also launching its own tool to add text captions over videos.

A spokesperson for Instagram tells TechCrunch the following:

“Music can be a big part of expression on Instagram – between adding music to Stories, connecting with artists, sending song recs back-and-forth, there are lots of ways to connect with music on Instagram. Now, we’re building on our music features and introducing the ability to add lyrics when you add a song to your story.”

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