July 29, 2021
Instagram least interacted followers

Instagram Now Lets its Users Find and Remove Followers they Interact with Least

Instagram has new feature that allows its users to hone right in on the followers they interact with the least and remove those connections…

Facebook social media subsidiary Instagram just added a new option. It’s available on the mobile app in the Following section. And, it shows users precisely who they interact with the least.

Instagram Least Interacted Followers Section Debuts

Instagram now has a section called “Least Interacted With.” It’s essentially a list of people that have the least amount of communications during the past 90 days.

The list can be sorted by the automated default setting, or by Date Followed: Latest, or Date Followed” Earliest.

Here’s where to find it and how to use the new Instagram Least Interacted With tool:

  1. Open the Instagram mobile application.
  2. Tap on the user profile.
  3. Select Following.
  4. Hit Least Interacted With.
  5. Unfollow others, as desired.
Instagram Least Interacted With section screenshot
Credit: Instagram / Facebook

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