May 1, 2021
Instagram Lite app

Instagram Starts Testing a Lite App in Mexico, Plans to Introduce It to Other Countries

The new Instagram Lite app debuts in Mexico, a very sparse, stripped down version, which will also roll out to other countries…

With mobile speeds getting faster and devices equipped with larger storage capacity, it seems there’s no real need for slim, more efficient apps. But, developers continue to build more robust apps with numerous data-hogging features. These aren’t optimized to run on low-end devices, especially on slower networks which are common in developing and emerging markets.

Instagram Lite App Testing Begins in Mexico will Expand to more Countries

Because of this, many companies offer Lite versions of their flagship apps. For example: Facebook, Messenger Lite, Twitter Lite, LinkedIn, as well as all of Google’s Go apps. Now, Instagram is joining in and releasing its own Lite app in Mexico.

Instagram Lite sports a timeline, posts exploration, photo uploads, search, along with viewing and creating its most popular feature: Stories. However, direct messaging, video uploads, and tagging aren’t part of the experience. Although, Instagram promises most of these will come at a later date. At this time, it’s also unclear if it supports either email or SMS.

What’s most interesting, is the fact the app itself is just 573KB in size, quite small. But, there aren’t any restrictions for data consumption. So, it’s somewhat self-defeating. The Instagram Lite app is currently available in Mexico, starting this week. It will expand to other countries later this year, according to TechCrunch.

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