January 18, 2022
Instagram Lite shuts down

Facebook Kills Off Instagram Lite but Won’t Say Why

Facebook is abandoning Instagram Lite, a trimmed-down version of its subsidiary, but hasn’t explained why it’s made the decision…

Offering slimmer versions of flagship apps isn’t at all unusual. The largest of social media sites maintain lite alternatives that are designed to run on low-end hardware operating on spotty connections, particularly in developing markets. Facebook has apparently decided to kill off one such mobile app, Instagram Lite.

Instagram Lite Shuts Down

First rolled out in Mexico in June of 2018, Instagram Lite was merely a managed WebView browser, spruced up with a few extra elements. It did debut in other areas and gained more than one million downloads. But, updates stopped going out in October of last year. Then, on April 12th 2020, it was unpublished. Now, nothing appears when following the link, in the Google Play Store.

For those who will miss the Instagram Lite application, the experience is more or less the same over at the desktop site. Just head over there and create a home screen shortcut to access it.


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