July 30, 2021
Instagram Live Stream Time Length Increases to Four Hours

Instagram Extends its Live Stream Length from One Hour to Four and Ups Archives to 30 Days

Instagram is expanding the maximum live stream time from just one hour up to four, and is also increasing archive length to 30 days…

Instagram’s Live streams are about to get longer — a whole lot longer. The Facebook social media subsidiary will extend the maximum time of live streaming to four hours. The move could easily lead to longer virtual concerts, as well as Q&As with prominent figures, and quite possibly, lengthier remote classes. But, there are some restrictions, of course. For instance, accounts must be in good standing, with no previous policy violations.

Instagram Live Stream Time Length Increases to 4 Hours

Instagram is likewise increasing stream archives to 30 days. The company says that it will work similar to archiving Stories and posts from users’ feeds. Additionally, Instagram plans to update its Live Now section that appears on IGTV, along with at the end of a stream. The social site hopes this will help users find active streams they are interested in from other people they follow and even other individuals they don’t.

Of course, this plays directly into one of the most popular mediums of the time — video streaming. Live streams have proven to be an effective way for brands and prominent individuals to reach large audiences.

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